North Shore Furniture Removals

Moveworx assists people in moving their house all the suburbs of North Shore. We have expertise in furniture removals and furniture storage and we can quickly pack all your stuff into the boxes. We offer services for country, local and interstate.

Removal of clutter from the house before moving to the new house offers a much better price for your house. We would help you in de-cluttering your old house so that you get a better price when it is sold.

From a couple of times to a whole house, we offer safe, secure and reliable storage solutions on the basis of the needs of the clients.

In case you have enlisted all the items which you need to store, than we would offer you a quote online for the same with the help of our online quote system.

We also have a wide range of storage boxes which are available for sale.


Packing a house is quite a labour intensive and time consuming job. Sometimes, it happens that people are not able to finish packing before the day of moving. We would help you pack so that you may easily focus on the other important tasks. We would arrive one day before you would move and get the task done neatly and quickly.

It is believed that moving is a stressful job. We would help you in getting relieved of the stress of moving. This is mainly because it’s a task which is often underestimated which ends up the people rushing and been under prepared.

Our packing team is trained well. Their skills are tested with the help of a drop test. They pack one box full of low value, real glassware. Then, the box is dropped on the concrete from a pre-determined height for checking for breakages. They will pass the test only if he has 2 items or less than 2 items broken. This helps in simulating the conditions much better than the normal conditions of moving.

Interstate moves

With the help of our trucks, we offer reliable, cost efficient and absolutely safe inter-state furniture removals to the people reside in North Shore.

Our team is skilled enough in the art of packing and loading the furniture for being sent to long distances. We take good care of the things, so you can just relax and be worry free about your goods.

Our efficient system helps us in being competitive on all the sizes of moving from a few items to the entire houses.

We have been in this industry since a very long time now and we totally understand the needs, expectations and fears of our clients. We constantly work to improve our services so that we can deliver a better user experience.

We take pride in calling ourselves the industry best and we promise you to deliver only happiness and satisfaction always.

So if you need to move sometime soon, just go to our online system and get a quote for your inventory. Our team would be more than happy to assist you.